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Part of Speech: noun
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2. The act of catching, as on a hook, etc.
3. A stop or sudden halt; a stoppage; an impediment; a temporary obstruction; an obstacle; as, a hitch in one's progress or utterance; a hitch in the performance.
4. A sudden movement or pull; a pull up; as, the sailor gave his trousers a hitch.
6. A knot or noose in a rope which can be readily undone; - intended for a temporary fastening; as, a half hitch; a clove hitch; a timber hitch, etc.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
2. To hit the legs together in going, as horses; to interfere.
4. To move with hitches; as, he hitched his chair nearer.
5. To move interruptedly or with halts, jerks, or steps; - said of something obstructed or impeded.
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