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Montessori Method
Part of Speech: noun
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1. A system of training and instruction, primarily for use with normal children aged from three to six years, devised by Dr. Maria Montessori while teaching in the " Houses of Childhood" ( schools in the poorest tenement districts of Rome, Italy), and first fully described by her in 1909. Leading features are freedom for physical activity ( no stationary desks and chairs), informal and individual instruction, the very early development of writing, and an extended sensory and motor training ( with special emphasis on vision, touch, perception of movement, and their interconnections), mediated by a patented, standardized system of " didactic apparatus," which is declared to be " auto- regulative." Most of the chief features of the method are borrowed from current methods used in many institutions for training feeble- minded children, and dating back especially to the work of the French- American physician Edouard O. Seguin ( 1812- 80).
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