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Part of Speech: noun
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1. One who nourishes; a person who supplies food, tends, or brings up; as: ( a) A woman who has the care of young children; especially, one who suckles an infant not her own. ( b) A person, especially a woman, who has the care of the sick or infirm.
2. One who, or that which, brings up, rears, causes to grow, trains, fosters, or the like.
4. A peculiar larva of certain trematodes which produces cercariae by asexual reproduction. See Cercaria, and Redia.
5. Either one of the nurse sharks.
Part of Speech: verb transitive
2. To nourish at the breast; to suckle; to feed and tend, as an infant.
4. To manage with care and economy, with a view to increase; as, to nurse our national resources.
5. To caress; to fondle, as a nurse does.
6. To bring up; to raise, by care, from a weak or invalid condition; to foster; to cherish; - applied to plants, animals, and to any object that needs, or thrives by, attention.
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