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Part of Speech: noun
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1. A pulling; a disturbance.
Part of Speech: verb transitive, intransitive
1. Alt. of Touze
Examples of usage:
  • The following is a good specimen of the class:- De Saint Quentin a Cambrai Chevalchoie l'autre jour; Les un boisson esgardai, Touse i vi de bel atour. - "A Short History of French Literature", George Saintsbury.
  • The " Santisima Trinidad," The old " Redoubtable's" hard sides, and ours, Will take the touse of this bombastic blow. - "The Dynasts An Epic-Drama Of The War With Napoleon, In Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, And One Hundred And Thirty Scenes", Thomas Hardy.
  • There, what a touse I be in! - "The Life of Nancy", Sarah Orne Jewett.
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